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The Madman re-release of the Time To go John DVD is almost sold out but if you're quick you may still be able to buy it online. The re-release includes a very funny commentary track by Rod Quantock, Fiona Scott-Norman and Eddie Perfect as well as a “Making of” doco.

The DVD can ordered from the Madman Website .

Proceeds from DVD go to the Political Film Fund (see below)

See photos from the Madman Time to go John launch

March 2005


A Political Film Fund to be auspiced by local independent filmmakers'
organisation Open Channel was launched by the producers of TIME TO GO JOHN
and given a blessing by Robert Greenwald who was with us via iChat, at the
Australian International Documentary Conference in February.

90% of proceeds from the sale of TIME TO GO JOHN will go in to the PFF.
10% is being allocated for administration costs and any costs associated
with building the Fund.

TIME TO GO JOHN was conceived to canvass the many troubling issues which
arose during the Howard government's nine years in office prior to the 2004
election. All of the work was done pro bono except for the replication of
the DVD's. All box office income was waived as a sweetener for cinema
operators to entice them to take TIME TO GO JOHN unseen and at short notice.
Income from the sale of the DVD'S paid for the replication, the small
surplus is the seed money for the new Fund.

We will soon be providing details of how to donate to the Fund.

The first deadline for applications to The Political Film Fund will be
September 30, 2005. Guidelines will be available on the new website to be
developed for it, and here.

November 2004

The controversial film Time To Go John - Australia’s answer to Fahrenheit 9/11 - has been screening to packed houses.

‘I thought it was brilliant,’ says Rochelle who lives in a marginal seat, ‘I thought it was very funny. I thought it was very sad, it was very informative. I think I experienced every emotion under the sun just watching it.’
Read other feedback

Melbourne box office

Australians are responding to this no budget 90 minute compilation of short documentaries, animations and political satires that highlights issues Howard wants to bury in this election.

More then 400 ordinary Australians have also ordered DVDs of the film - from Townsville to Byron Bay and Double Bay to Broome and Darwin. And the orders keep coming in.

In the tradition of Don’s Party they will be getting together to see the film with their friends and neighbours - in their lounge rooms or garages - with their chardonnay, beer or cup of tea.

We the filmmakers strongly urge you to show this film to friends, family and work colleagues - especially those who voted Liberal last time.

You can view more information about house parties and screenings.

Read about the filmmakers and watch the individual short films.

Media can access resources in the Media Room.

We hope you enjoy this film and that it is a useful tool in your decision
on how to vote.


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