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The following filmmakers have contributed to Time To Go John.

John Hughes
John Hughes is an Australian independent producer, writer and director in documentary and drama. He has taught filmmaking, cinema and cultural studies and was Commissioning Editor for documentary with SBS Independent. (1998-2001). Recent credits: River of Dreams (producer/director) 52 mins, 2002, After Mabo’ (co-producer/writer/director) 84 mins, 1997, ‘What I Have Written’ (producer / director) cinema feature 102 mins, 1996, released in Official Competition, Berlin, 1996, One Way Street (producer/writer/director) 54 mins, 1992.

Filmmakers preparing DVDs
John Hughes and Cindy Clarkson packings DVDs

Pip Starr
Pip Starr began making video during the first on air season of Melbourne's Bent TV, which continues to broadcast on Channel 31. Since then he has made numerous videos in and about various communities. Stories include documentations of the campaign to stop the Jabiluka Mine, made with the traditional owners, the Mirrar; Melbourne's S11 protest against the WEF; Reclaim the Streets actions in Sydney; protests against the worlds largest uranium mine at Roxby Downs as well as documentations of community arts festivals and similar events. Pip is currently working on a feature doco about the world of coffee, and a documentary series about queer relationships.

Amanda King & Fabio Cavadini
Amanda King is a documentary filmmaker based in Sydney. In 1987 she co-produced the first independent Australian-made documentary about East Timor, The Shadow Over East Timor. Amanda, also a visual artist working in collage has had portraits hung in the Portia Geach, Archibald National Portrait Prizes, and the Salon des Refuses. Fabio Cavadini has over 30 years of experience as a cinematographer on award winning documentaries. Since 1987 Amanda and Fabio have been collaborating as a co-producing and directing team, having produced a string of documentaries together, many being broadcast on SBS TV - including their most recent documentary, An Evergreen Island.

Jen Hughes
Jen Hughes was the Director of the Media Resource Centre in Adelaide for ten years, setting up the The Lion Arts Centre in Adelaide, & positioning and moving the MRC into its permanent home in the Centre where it operates 2 not for profit cinemas and provides support and lobbying services for local filmmakers. Since 1990 Jen has been working as a documentary maker and community artist exploring x-border relationships in the aftermath of violence in our region. Works include 'Breaking the Toy' (cinema), a mixed media event in the Adelaide Festival Fringe and 'Forgotten Fruit' an interactive mixed media documentary installation exploring memory and place, & her web documentary was a finalist in the 2003 ATOM AWARDS. 'The Circle of Stones', calling for justice in East Timor, and the 'Circle of Stones - the 2nd Anniversary' both explore ritual and healing.

Nicholas Hansen
Nicholas Hansen is based in Melbourne and makes arts documentary films across the narrative and experimental genres. His films show a close interest in the areas of human rights and freedom of expression. Nicholas’s work has researched and screened his work internationally and his portfolio includes works for the online environment. For more information go to

Anna Broinowski
Anna Broinowski has been making counter-cultural films since she dropped ouf of acting in 1995. Anna has made numerous award winning documentaries, including Hell Bento which won Best Australian Documentary at the Sydney Film Festival and the Bronze Plaque at Columbus Film Festival, screeened theatrically, and has sold to numerous territories throughout the world. Sexing the Label (SBS/FFC) won, among other awards, Best Director at Films des Femmes. Her other films include Romancing the Chakra (ABC/FFC), Tsunami and 12 Angry Women. Anna's latest film Helen's War - Portrait of a dissident has been nominated for 2 AFI Awards and won Best Documentary at the Sydney Film Festival's Dendy Awards and will screen theatrically in the USA in 2004.

Catfish are a Melbourne-based production company formed in January 2001 when The Garage Productions and Cave Studios joined forces - with a simple philosophy - to consistently strive to exceed client expectations.

Stella Simmering
Stella Simmering is an independent filmmaker from Darwin who has made a number of films about long grass Aboriginal people around Darwin. Stella works as a voluntary community development person for long grass people.

Daryl Dellora
Daryl Dellora has been making documentaries for many years, he has a special interest in Australian law, politics and history and recently received a prestigious residency at the Rockefeller Foundation.

Kris Keogh
Kris Keogh is a 27 year old musician who plays weird electronic music and sometime video maker . He is based in Darwin and makes money by being a music teacher.

Simon Karutz
Simon Karutz is a graduate of RMIT in Multimedia. For a number of years he has been working on community television and his work has featured in 2003's The Morning Star Concert For West Papua and The 2004 Melbourne Fringe Festival. He likes walking alone at night.

Creative Illusions
Creative Illusions are a design and multi-media firm based in Sapphire Beach, NSW.

Catherine Gough-Brady
Catherine Gough-Brady is an independent filmmaker. She is currently shooting a documentary about elections and democracy.

Kelly Chapman
Kelly Chapman is an independent filmmaker, mother and taxpayer living in Brisbane.  She has a degree in Cultural Studies.  She works freelance in the film & TV industry, and writes both documentary and drama.

HT Lee
Freelance photojournalist. Did a short 18 min doco in 2003 on the Timor Gap oil and gas--'Don't rob their future--give them a fair go'--explaining how Australia is claiming 60% of East Timor's oil and gas resources.

Carmela Baranowska

Carmela Baranowska is a filmmaker who has made documentaries in East Timor, Afghanistan and Australia. Her credits include Scenes from an occupation, Taliban Country and Time to Go John. She is currently completing Welcome to independence, a documentary epic which follows a Timorese family in the first years of East Timor's independence.

Keren Flavell
Keren Flavell is a new media and documentary producer based in Melbourne. Her most recent online documentary, Sounds Like Techno, won the Gold Hugo award at the Chicago Film Festival Intercom Awards and was selected for Sundance Online Film Festival and Real: Life on Film Festival.

Kate Harris, Haavard Berstad & Anthea Pitt,
Kate Harris is a Brisbane-based independent filmmaker and producer. She trained at the Queensland University of Technology and has made a number of short films, including The Projectionists.
Haavard Berstad is an animator, editor and designer. He received his animation training at Norway's Volda Hoegskulen, and is currently living in Brisbane.
Anthea Pitt, is a production journalist and writer. Originally from Queensland, she works for an oil and gas publication in Oslo. She currently lives in Brisbane.