I was at the opening of the Sydney screening and I just want to say thanks for getting this info out there. It is so important that the truth of the Howard years is being told!!!

I am feeling very nervous at the thought of Howard being re-elected, but quietly confident that there is enough of a ground-swell against him.

I also ordered a copy of the DVD for my parents - and was greatful that this was express-posted. I will encourage as many people as I can find to watch it pre-Sat.

With many thanks and best wishes,

Just to say a BIG THANK YOU for all your efforts in making the *Time to Go, John* project a reality. An amazing effort. Forgive me if I've left off key people from this list of producers, & pass on my thanks - but I really wanted to let you know how impressed I have been by the process & by your work. It's a great thing to have been part of in some small way.

Helen Grace

I am defineatly not happy. When I consider the possibility of another term of Howard as Prime Minister, or Costello or any Liberal for that matter, I feel afraid for my children and the pressure they will be under to live with values we as a family do not respect.

This afternoon my 11 year old said as we left his school at the end of the day (public of course). "Mum there are a lot of very rich people out there " dreamily watching the traffic drive by, "look at all these people in their cars, that Mercedes would cost sooooo much money". "It seems like there are more very rich people around and more poor people." I agree. I'm so angry that the legacy he has left us is an ever increasing gap of 'have-a-mercedes-or-2's' and people stuck in sand holes of poverty. We are a family of 4, 2 public educated children, both work part-time, rent our home, and we do OK. But not according to the New Economic Criteria. We are not greedy enough, we don't desire more credit and we refuse to be bullied into buying our own home. I'm beginning to feel marginalised.

Thank you for your very good work, all of you.

Victoria and her family.

"received it, played it, friends saw it GOOD

but think the rodent will buy his way back :(


It is fantastic. It is amazing a bunch of Aussie filmmakers could produce this high quality film with no budget and done it in such a short time.

Peter Chandren, Sydney premiere 29 September

As an Australian citizen concerned with the lies and manipulations of John Howard, I just wanted to say congratulations on the release of 'Time to go John'.

I haven't seen it yet, but hope to get to a screening soon.

Ben Zipper

Jolly hockey sticks. Time for the little ponce to exit, stage left, with or without hautboys....

My name is Alfonso Ortiz Palma and I live in Mexico City.

Iím interested in buying your film in order to know more about the autralian political errors and to have an idea of how this kind of projects could be organized in Mexico, because there is also here a huge lack of political criticism.

I just would like to know first, if it is possible to receive the movie in Mexico and if do you have an idea of how much would it be for buying and receiving the DVD at my place.

I would appreciate very much your help, and I congratulate the team that participated in this project for their courage, commitment and hard work in order to inform society and letting them take responsible decisions when voting.
Alfonso Ortiz Palma Junco


Unfortunately this a VERY conservative area, Albury/Wodonga. (Close to Bonegilla!) Which is probably why our area is not listed for a showing.

I don't have a CD Player either, but best of luck!

Jean Menere

I have just finished watching a few of the short films on your site.

Thank you! I did not intend to vote for the Liberal Party in this election, but I needed the reminder of just what a horrible little man John Howard is. The piece on East Timor shows just how unsuited to Government John Howard is.

How can any person with any sense of decency or compassion vote for the Liberal Party while John Howard is their leader, or even remotely connected to the Party?

I wish you all the luck in the world to get these films seen by as many people as possible before the election. I will promote the site as much as I am able. I want to help to stop this man having any say in what happens in my country. I love Australia too much to have him as a figure-head for it!

Thank you again for making these films.

Niki Byrne

I just wanted to congratulate all the team who produced the show. I am unable to make the viewing times for Western Australia but as I really want to see the production I have ordered a copy of the dvd.

It is great that you all are trying to do something about the current farcical situation of the possibility of Howard and the liberals getting back into power. (and this is from a normally liberal voter!)

Chris Cornish, Western Australia

It was something that everyone should see.

Keep up the good work!

Nigel Herbert, Sydney

Great turn out at Deckchair (Darwin) last night ≠ approx 200 ≠ lots of applause for Stella and Krisí films and lots of people handing around afterwords dissecting the issues.

About 50 people attended the premiere screening of Time To Go John in Hobart last night. Organiser Heidi Douglas said she was excited by the overwhelmingly positive response from the audience.

Often documentaries about social political matters can disempower the viewer, leaving one feeling despondent and hopeless about the world we live in. Time to Go John craftily transcended this however, by combining stylish honest filmmaking with the generous humor of Rod Quantock between the shorts, she said.

The Hobart audience was a broad mix from all walks of life who had come to see what they wonít show you on mainstream television. Many left inspired to put on their own screenings of Time to Go John by purchasing dvd copies from the timetogojohn.com website. The producers of Time to Go John are encouraging public distribution of the film by people ordering copies through the internet and holding screenings in their own homes, inviting friends and encouraging them to do the same. Outfoxed, a documentary critically examining Rupert Murdochís Fox News, has recently had record sales by using this democratic and participatory distribution method.

As one audience member, James, said after the screening last night, For only 20 dollars I can buy a copy off the website and send it to my Dad to watch before the election. In fact, I think every father should be made to watch this before casting votes in the next election.

So if you forgot to buy your dad a fatherís day present, or you want to see for yourself what John Howard has done to this great nation, check out Time To Go John (timetogojohn.com).

I just read the email about the film you made, Time to Go John, Congratulations.

Are you planning any screenings in East Timor. I live here and would love to have a small screening. If you are showing it in Darwin it wouldnít be that difficult to get it here. Anyone going on the plane could bring it across and I could get it from them at the airport.

Thank you in advance and good luck with the launching and screenings.

Russell, East Timor