Download Time To Go John.

The orginal DVD version of Time to Go John was available via the BitTorrent network. There doesn't seem to be anyone actively seeding the file any more so we can't guarantee that it will be available. Feel free to try if you like. Who knows, you could get lucky. The file is 536M in size so expect the download to take a good part of the day.

To download you will need a BitTorrent client program. You can get this at .

Once BitTorrent is installed click here to begin the download . We ask that don't disconnect your BitTorrent client once Time to Go John has been downloaded. BitTorrent works by sharing files between computers and by leaving BitTorrent running you are making it easier for other people to download the Film.

The film has been encoded in the DivX format so you will need to install either the DivX or Xvid codecs onto your computer. You can get Xvid from or get DivX from .

If you want to make a DVD from the download check out for tutorials on making DVD's from DivX files. The DIKO software does a reasonable job of copying DivX to DVD. There is a tutorial at .

To find out more contact