Time To Go John began in the Forum back bar at the 2004 Melbourne International Film Festival when a group of local film makers began to discuss political documentaries that they had recently been inspired by, films like: Fahrenheit 9/11, Control Room, The Corporation, The Party's Over and The Yes Men.

The group felt frustrated that there was no Australian equivalent. No locally
produced feature documentary which focused on questionable decisions and practices committed by those in power working under a banner of democracy. More specifically the filmmakers were frustrated with the lack of film review of the current government’s decisions and wanted to see a film that would inspire and empower all Australian’s to think about a different future. So they decided to make this film, they decided to make: Time To Go John.

Soon after the filmmakers met and formulated a way to make the type of film they themselves wanted to see. Given the election was on the horizon they had but seven weeks to organise a film and a way for it to be seen by the people of Australia before they voted at the polls. It was decided that each film maker involved would produce a short film and that it would be compiled into one larger film. The films would be presented by a host and linked together to make a feature length documentary.

The project included securing cinema releases nationally and additionally to
have films available on the website so all those that could not get to a cinema
for a screening would still have an opportunity to see the film.

As well as the production of the film itself the team of filmmakers also had to
work out how to self-distribute the film nationally as well as trying to
get it screening in marginal seats. The response from many cinemas was positive and a national premiere secured. In addition, a strategy was devised to get the film
circulated through special “house-party” screenings, hosted by individuals in their homes or at local social clubs. With the motivation of reaching the widest audience possible it was also decided that the films should be available for viewing online.
All of this had to be done in seven weeks and with absolutely no budget, not a cent. With so many things to organise in such a short time fame many may have shied from the challenge but the collective felt it would have been “un-Australian” not to attempt to achieve a goal they all felt so compelled by.

Time To Go John is a result of the commitment and passion of the people who contributed to the production of this film. Thank you to the people involved, to all Aussie battlers dedicated to a better future. Well done for dreaming up Time To Go John and delivering as promised.

The film is dedicated to all the people across Australia who dared to stand up and be counted.